Good Night with Good People x2



Awesome night with awesome people, actually. A bunch of friends from work and I got together last night, starting off with dinner at Outback Steakhouse then off to Fox and Hound for some drinks. I couldn’t have asked for a better night.

Amanda, whom I worked with, my newly really good friend, is leaving today for Pueblo. She brought all of us girls together. I couldn’t thank her enough for what she’s done for us. If it wasn’t for her, all of us working friends wouldn’t be getting together for some fun. I know that after she leaves, us “oldnavyers” will continue to get together, hang out, talk, and have fun. And we are going to plan on a slumber party sometime down in Pueblo with Amanda.

Amanda wrote us all individualized letters. This is what she wrote for me:

“I know you feel like we didn’t get to know each other until the end but I feel a little different. We have always had an unspeakable bond. You remind me a lot of myself lol and thats what I love about you. You and I have talked about more of the seriousness of life. You have such an amazing soul and I know you are going to do something great in life! I truly believe that God brought us together when we went to dinner… it was the right moment at the right time. I feel so lucky to have met such a wonderful person. I know you will find your way and like a great person once said, “Everything is going to be ok”

I’m crying as I retype this letter she wrote, just like I did when I first read it. I’m so blessed to have met a person that accepts me, loves me, and would do anything for me. So here’s my letter to you Amanda:

I thank you so much for everything you and Jordan have done for me. When I met you at Old Navy, I didn’t really know what to think because you LOD’d for like a day and the rest you were just sharing all of us associates in our rants about being at work 🙂 I feel so blessed to have you in my life. You knew what I was going through, but you didn’t push it. You could tell when I was emotional at work, and you supported me in any way possible. I’m sad that you’re leaving, but I know that this is God’s plan for you. I will miss you terribly, but we can still stay in touch and do visits. Thank you again for accepting me, loving me, and bringing us Old Navy girls together. You are amazing, and I can tell you have more amazingness coming to you in life, along with your amazing husband. I know i’ve used the word “amazing” a lot, but that’s really what it is.
I love you,
Jordan Faust 🙂

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Good Night with Good People

Some girlfriends from work and I have been trying to get together and get dinner or drinks to talk and hang out. Yesterday we were supposed to meet at Elephant Bar, but I ended up not being able to because of arrangements I forgot about. They didn’t meet up either, but tonight Amanda and I decided to go to Chili’s after work to eat and catch up with her husband, Jordan.

After I got home from this dinner, I felt so blessed. They are both amazing, beautiful people inside and out. I felt like it was a “God” thing. Jordan has been working for Chili’s and is moving up to be a manager in Colorado Springs, so they are moving this Tuesday. That’s why I wanted to get together with Amanda before she left town. We were talking about work, life, money, everything. I told them my story with school, and how much I want and need to live on my own and be independent. I mentioned  that I have been working for Old Navy for 6 years now, and it seemed to flabbergast them. They told me that working at Chili’s and being a server would definitely take me out of my comfort zone, but it could be just the change I need in my life right now that could bring in the money I need to do what I want.

Jordan went and talked to one of the managers who said they are in need of servers, and he put in a good word for me. He told me to go in on Monday to meet with another manager, I think the GM or something. I’m going to go in and introduce myself and talk about the position before I apply online, pretty much putting a face to the name. I feel so lucky that I have these people, who I didn’t really know, to help and support me in times of need.

I also feel like this is such a good sign from God. Amanda told me that her grandma would always tell her, “Everything’s going to be okay.” That’s what my grandma would say to me, every time I talked to her. I  need this change. Maybe it was a good thing I couldn’t meet with the girls yesterday. We’re all supposed to get together on Monday, but this more intimate get-together with Amanda and her husband was definitely a meant-to-be sign. I will definitely miss her when she moves to the Springs, but we will find times to hang out.

So here’s to a new Adventure in my life 🙂