Green walls

little tables and chairs

This is where you go

to escape the

Real World and

pretend your a hipster

or a student

or a writer

or a business associate.

People staring idly

at their lap tops

People reading and studying

their text books.

All in their own

little worlds

Within the mini

universe of Starbucks.

Do they go here

for the coffee?


Do they go here

for the atmosphere?


The majority of

them come here

to escape

their realities.

Their daily


A little break from

life as we know it.

Home is too quiet

and lonely.

Just being around

people is okay,

you don’t have to

talk to them.

A perfect little world

in the middle of

Chaos everywhere else.

War. Politicians. Gangs.

Drugs. Violence and death.

When you come


you don’t have to

experience any of

that. Unless you

read the newspaper,

of course.

A simulation of


to keep yourself


Even though

deep down

you really know,

you just don’t want to

acknowledge it.


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