“Watch your thoughts;they become your words.Watch your words;they become your actions.Watch your actions;they become your habits.Watch your habits;they become your character.Watch your character;it becomes your Destiny.” -Unknown


When you look up at the clock
It reminds you of circling around the block
With a tick tock tick tock
You realize time is circular
But it also creates images and pictures.

Remember when you were a kid
You thought the world was all yours
Never-ending, your container had no lid

It overwhelms you with a sense of nostalgia
And hits your stomach with a burst of nausea

Back then, your dreams were your own, they had no end.
Now they belong to other people,
Get a boring job and a white picket fence.

What is worry? You used to not know.
But now you’re always in a hurry.

Try to slow your life back down
Remember when you used to laugh
And never have a frown.


Many people ask
What gives life meaning?
Then put on a mask.
They hide their insecurities
And fake their purities
Absent of priorities.
This life is what you make it
Sometimes you gotta fake it
Just for the sake of it
Or else you’ll just break it.

So take off that mask you little time bomb
Or else you’ll just be dancing to the same song.
When you be yourself
And believe in Destiny
You might just have an epiphany.


Placing words into what you feel
Cause the layers of your core to peel
Whether it’s  Anger that distraughts  you
or Confusion that betrays you
It’s Anxiety that simmers within
The good angel seems to never win
It’s the Sadness that overwhelms for no reason
and Loneliness seems to be it’s closest cousin
Sometimes all of these things that are unseen
Seep out of the pores altogether, making it Mean
A scene never meant to be seen
The only Context that gives it most Meaning
Is putting the text on paper, so Rich, so Gleaming
It does its part to soothe the Heart
and transforms it intrinsically into Art.
It takes your inner bag of shit
and becomes the Number One Smash Hit.
Or you can keep it to yourself in private
To make your journal utterly vibrant
No way is Right, no way is Wrong
As long as you make it sing like a Song.


Birthdays only come around
once a year
So lets make some sound
and give a good cheer
But this birthday is special,
because I am here
to make this
your best year.
Don’t think about the past
because this is gunna last.
Some people search forever
For the love we’ve experienced
We will always remember.
The love I hold for you
Fills up my whole heart
My entire soul, too.

There will be many more years
of birthdays to celebrate
that will bring joyous tears
because that is our fate.
My words will keep flowing
right onto the page
In hopes of showing
that our love has no age.
A love that’s Universal
A love that’s Eternal.